Sand #poem

To shambles our lives, A friendship no more, Paralleled damage, We’re broken and sore, The physical distance, Like the reach of a hand, Souls can’t connect, We scattered like sand. -Jann Doe

See #poem

See more than a sky, See the swirling of light, See more than a tree, See it’s growth giving life, See more than a neighbor, See her energy’s unique, See more than a bird, See the world past it’s beak, See into a stream, See the pebbles it scrubs, See past your reflection, See your … More See #poem

Why Concern

I’ve never understood the expression throwing shade, On a sunny day won’t that catch them a break? I really don’t get being up a shit creek either, Wouldn’t one rather be up it, than where it ends, like – shit lake? And what about that saying, old dogs and new tricks… Is there really something … More Why Concern

Queasy #poem

Loving you was bitter sweet, Leaving you was easy. I tried to do it softly, When you clung it made me queasy. So, I acted like a bitch, I tried to make you hate me, Your grip finally loosed, I appreciate that greatly. -Jann Doe

Empty Space #poem

Empty space filled, With silence, Hidden agendas, Meant to protect, Only do harm, So what happens next? The space, the quiet, Only grow bigger, Till the gap, Now between us, It’s more than a sliver, Our fingers can’t touch, No matter the effort, The warmth, Of your soul, Out of reach, Gone forever. -Jann Doe

Demise #poem

I walk my fingers Down your spine You whisper my name I’m yours, you’re mine The flesh on your neck I watch the bumps rise I swear on this day You’ll be my demise -Jann Doe

Sleepy Moans #poem

She moans in her sleep Names of those She’s never exerienced Never touched Never known She tales the tale Of all of those Without a story No love of their own She wakes, refreshed No memory No lust Only a restless husband To recall Her heavy moans -Jann Doe   Love can be wholesome, Healthy … More Sleepy Moans #poem