Define You #suicideawareness

Don’t let this burden define you, Icy stares, Paranoia, Crossed lines, They’re not better off without you, Holding grudges, No more touches, Passing time, There’s beauty within and you know it, They can see, Who you’ll be, Let it shine. -Jann Doe

Sand #poem

To shambles our lives, A friendship no more, Paralleled damage, We’re broken and sore, The physical distance, Like the reach of a hand, Souls can’t connect, We scattered like sand. -Jann Doe

See #poem

See more than a sky, See the swirling of light, See more than a tree, See it’s growth giving life, See more than a neighbor, See her energy’s unique, See more than a bird, See the world past it’s beak, See into a stream, See the pebbles it scrubs, See past your reflection, See your … More See #poem

Haiku for Summer

The Peaceful Pub shares some beautiful and inspiring Haiku!! If you’re not already following this blog, then do. Such stunning material here! I absolutly love this poetry 🙂