Every Love

Originally posted on Jina S. Bazzar:
I haven’t read a poetry book since my high school years. But that doesn’t mean I stopped liking it. On the contrary, every now and then I come upon a particular piece that captures my attention and echoes in my mind long after I’ve read it. Every love has…

Anxiety #poetry

Anxiety in my belly, It chomps, It chews, It churns. Anxiety in my chest, It thumps, It itches, It burns. Anxiety in my head, It clutters, It distracts, It hurts. -Jann Doe

Princess Flow

Take me to a time of princess flow, With a chocolate smeared face, And a big fluffy bow. My little tea cup spilled over with juice, My tiara and sash is far too loose. I spin and forget whatever surrounds me, Dreaming of everything life could be. Take me to a time of wondrous glitter, … More Princess Flow

Why Concern

I’ve never understood the expression throwing shade, On a sunny day won’t that catch them a break? I really don’t get being up a shit creek either, Wouldn’t one rather be up it, than where it ends, like – shit lake? And what about that saying, old dogs and new tricks… Is there really something … More Why Concern

Authentic the Woman

Clear is the upliftment, Steady, it’s pure. Simple is the compliment, Genuine, it’s sure. Authentic the woman, Who walks with a smile. She reaches back to help others, Success in each mile. -Jann Doe

Why Do We Hide? #poem

Polish the surface, Shine it up bright, Cover the flaws, Lock them up tight, Whatever you do, Don’t let them see, Whatever’s within, The real you and me. Why do we do this? What do we hide? Why can’t we be proud, Of what’s really inside? -Jann Doe