Haiku for Summer

The Peaceful Pub shares some beautiful and inspiring Haiku!! If you’re not already following this blog, then do. Such stunning material here! I absolutly love this poetry 🙂

Every Love

Originally posted on Jina S. Bazzar:
I haven’t read a poetry book since my high school years. But that doesn’t mean I stopped liking it. On the contrary, every now and then I come upon a particular piece that captures my attention and echoes in my mind long after I’ve read it. Every love has…

Her Neck #poem

She catches your glances, She sees your stares. She feels your gaze, She knows knows you’re there. Your energy surrounds her, An essence brings her to her knees. Your very presence like a fist, Around her neck it does squeeze. What happened between you, Was hurtful it was wrong, It was thrilling and fun, A … More Her Neck #poem

New Life #poem

A new life welcomes, The world with a bang, She has a spirit, She has a name. Her energy ready, For love and for molding, Observes her surroundings, A mother she’s holding. She drinks from the bosom, Her life sustained, Unconditional love, Has undenyably Been claimed. -Jann Doe

Honey #poem

Like sugar that’s powered, Melts in my mouth, Falls through my fingers, In the air it lingers, Leaves a dust all around. Like honey that’s soft, The true taste of sweet, Sticky and succulent, Wholesome, devine. Until you have too much…. It chips at your health, Clogs your veins, Rots your teeth, Makes your heart … More Honey #poem

#Empath #poetry

Your stress can consume me, Chip away at my core. Your excitement elates me, Makes me blossom, and more. Crowded places overwhelms me, I walk with my head down. It isn’t from shame or shy, Too much eye contact, and I drown. Unless I feel your calm, Even just in passing. I’ll look up and … More #Empath #poetry