Define You #suicideawareness

Don’t let this burden define you, Icy stares, Paranoia, Crossed lines, They’re not better off without you, Holding grudges, No more touches, Passing time, There’s beauty within and you know it, They can see, Who you’ll be, Let it shine. -Jann Doe

Come Back #poem

Hit the ground, In a heap, Be lost, Weep. It’s okay, To let go, To let the tears flow, Get them out, Let them fall, Just come back, Stand up tall! -Jann Doe Please enjoy my book of poetry Every Love, for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Anxiety #poetry

Anxiety in my belly, It chomps, It chews, It churns. Anxiety in my chest, It thumps, It itches, It burns. Anxiety in my head, It clutters, It distracts, It hurts. -Jann Doe