I’m Askew #peom #suicideawareness #grief

Peeling through layers,

A bottomless pit,

Some days I can rest,

But can never forget,

The grief is consuming,

A haunting, your face,

I know I must feel you,

But my mind won’t erase,

The gut wrenching guilt,

‘Bout gnawed its way out,

That layer is peeled,

And now comes the doubt,

Denial and anger,

Is up next I know,

I’ll paint a smile on my face,

While I watch my kids grow,

I’ll laugh with them,

Love with them,

In the closet I’ll hide,

The knowing your ghost,

Remains by my side, 

Now everyday’s filled,

With shiney and new,

Yet each one has something,

That reminds me of you,

It’s restless, this place,

Like I’m stuck in the haze,

The memory of you,

Has me lost,

I’m askew.

-Jann Doe


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