Kiss #haiku #haikuprompt

Soul lifting, the pulse,

A hot reaction to our,  

Brushing of lips.

-Jann Doe


Thanks to The Peaceful Pub for commenting with some fantastic Witches Brew poems on last weeks prompt. Go check out more of their tallent here!

Please join in this week with a steamy take on KISS haiku!!


Here’s how it works:

Every week(ish) I post a new Haiku prompt and pin it at the top of the home page of this blog. Anyone who writes a Haiku with the prompt used is encouraged to link back to my post and comment. I’ll share your poems on my next prompt post!

EASY PEESY!!I look forward to reading anyone who’s up for writing ‘Witches Brew’ Haiku Challenge poems for the week! Thanks in advance for joining! Please comment on this post with your links so that I can share them. 

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6 thoughts on “Kiss #haiku #haikuprompt

  1. Hmm … This one will take some pondering, but as usual I’ll be back.

    Just to clarify, The Peaceful Pub is home to several excellent poets. It is by no means my blog. Several years ago, there was a poetry board by the same name on which I and many others posted. In June 2015 I became a quadriplegic and I was off-line until early this year. In the meantime another company took over the forum service and made several drastic changes incompatible with poetic formats. The owner of The Peaceful Pub decided to close the forum and reopen as a blog. When I got back online in January, I was fortunate enough to find the new Peaceful Pub. I contacted Sarah M. Zang, the owner of The Peaceful Pub, and she welcomed me back.

    So for anyone interested in a variety of poetry please visit The Peaceful Pub and be sure to read all of the poets posting there. Thank you!

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    1. Oh that’s excellent, to have many poets together! I’m sorry to hear of your disability, that can’t be easy. One of my favorite books is Me Before You by JoJo. I had no idea! How wonderful for you to be welcomed back with open arms, as you should be!


  2. Haiku for Kiss

    early memory
    mother’s kiss on my forehead
    putting me to bed

    little girl plotting
    stolen kiss from little boy
    “Eww! Why’d you do that?”

    teenagers’ first kiss
    hesitantly so shyly
    relax and repeat

    entwined lovers kiss
    whispering shared affection
    face life together

    a friend in college
    disliked her nickname of Beth
    loved the KISS song “Beth”

    the minister says
    “and you may now kiss your bride”
    we start a new life

    The one about my college friend is absolutely true. She went by her middle name of Ann because she didn’t want people shortening her first name, Elizabeth, to Beth.

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    1. Beautiful!!! I love this, and I don’t blame her at all. My daughters name is Kimber, and I’m trying my hardest to keep it Kimber rather than Kim. Nothing against the name Kim, I’d just really love it if she kept the unique aspect of her lovely given name 🙂

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  3. My first name is Michael. All through my life, people have tended to call me Mike. Those who matter to me call me Michael, as that is what I prefer. If your daughter treasures her full name, then I predict it will be the same for her; those who care will call her Kimber if she will but ask.

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