Baby Boy… For his Dad #poem #suicideawareness

My baby boy,

Your tiny hands,

The grip so vigorous,

My baby boy,

Your little laugh,

Unsurpassable, you’re bliss,

My baby boy,

You grow so fast,

I can’t slow down the time,

My baby boy,

You’re running now,

A personality sublime,

My baby boy,

When I see you struggle,

Your temper ‘bout to spew,

My baby boy,

I wish I could take,

All your pains away from you,

My baby boy,

You rise above,

I watch you grow with ease,

Your laugh still there,

It lifts us all,

Makes every second here a breeze,

My baby boy,

You’re now a man,

I still think of your tiny hands,

The strength of them,

It’s multiplied,

You could conquer the world if you tried,

My baby boy,

You chose to leave,

And every day since I laid you to rest,

I feel your light inside of me,

You’re all the parts of me that’s best.

My baby boy,

I miss you more,

Than words can ever tell,

My baby boy,

I see your face,

You’re everywhere I go,

So, until the day I can hug you again,

I’ll keep you in my soul.

-Jann Doe


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