Haiku Poetry Prompt: Compliment #haiku #poem 8-12-19

I love that,

Every part of you compliments,

All parts of me.

-Jann Doe


Every (ish) week I post a Haiku promt and pin it to the top of my blog. I encourage anyone/everyone to join. Then, post your link in the comments of my prompt post, so I that can share your work on my next Haiku post!!

download (2)

My last haiku prompt was rippening fruit! Check out the beautiful poetry commented on it by The Peaceful Pub!!  Please feel free to join in with a Haiku this week, based on the prompt of Compliments!!

6 thoughts on “Haiku Poetry Prompt: Compliment #haiku #poem 8-12-19

  1. Boardflak from The Peaceful Pub – http://thepeacefulpub.com/

    A sextet of Haiku with a complimentary theme.

    chambray shirt black tights
    denim skirt blue running shoes
    one together look

    soft speaking polite
    pour oil on troubled waters
    you’re a peacemaker

    sublime in repose
    grace personified at rest
    my wife is sleeping

    if you’ve done your best
    you have done all I could ask
    my beloved child

    though you’re grieving now
    remember the times before
    you were their bright spot

    ignore the outward
    God has made all souls alike
    yours equal to mine

    These are also posted at The Peaceful Pub. If you like them, come on over and give me a like there as well. Thanks!

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  2. I have been somewhat concerned at having received no reaction to the Haiku I posted for this thread. And yesterday, I thought there would be a notification of a new writing prompt and did not get that either.

    If you would like a prompt for your prompt (!) I have written six Haiku on the subject of “Summer”.

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    1. Thanks for prompt prompt!! I’ve had some family issues consume my time. But I’ll be logging on the computer to catch up later today. Thank you so much for the participation. I love that your keeping me accountable ❤


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