Ripening Fruit #haiku #poetry #Writingchallenge 7-29-19

Juicy and sweet,

Perfected the flavor of fruit,

So ready to eat.

-Jann Doe


My favorite part of this time of year is the ripening PITTED FRUIT!  I’ve spent a little time over the last week picking apricots, and they’re phenomenal! A little later this week, I intend on visiting a variety of farmers markets and fruit stands so that I can load up on my very favorite fresh fruit of all, and thats PEACHES!! I’m obsessed!

The last Haiku challenge that I hosted was ICY, and The Peaceful Pub blog commented with some beautiful Haiku poems! Thank you Pub, for joining!! If you’d like to read their ICY poems then check out the comments HERE.


Every (ish) week I post a Haiku promt and pin it to the top of my blog. I encourage anyone/everyone to join. Then, post your link in the comments of my prompt post, so I that can share your work on my next Haiku post!!

download (2)

This week’s prompt is RIPENING FRUIT!!  Have fun with it!  I can’t wait to read your Haiku poems!!


8 thoughts on “Ripening Fruit #haiku #poetry #Writingchallenge 7-29-19

  1. Fresh Fruit
    A quintet of fresh-picked fruit Haiku

    backyard apple trees
    growing first color showing
    counting down the days

    fresh Ranier cherries
    juicy sweet hint of tartness
    heaven in the mouth

    ripe-picked peach first bite
    escaping juice runs down chin
    taste buds overload

    Thompson seedless grapes
    taut-skinned elongated shapes
    explosion of juice

    crisp Braeburn apple
    perfect balance tart and sweet
    delightful flavor

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