Weekly #Haiku #writingprompt 5/13 ‘GRATEFUL MOM’

Overflowing the cup,

Of gratitude and love,

From a mom like me.

-Jann Doe


I hope everyone had just as lovely a Mothers day as I! It was gorgeous here in the central states of the US. I got to listen to the laughter of my children while they splashed around in the mud, soaking up the sun. I sipped wine from the comfort and safety of my deck. My husband and I opted to skip out on large events/intended outings, so that we could reflect on the love and gratitude of ourselves and our own little immediate family. It was a perfect way to relax, and everything that a mom like me could ever ask for on Mothers day! How was your weekend? I’d love to hear it in a haiku!

Last week’s prompt was lilac. Thank you so very much Charmed Chaos for joining, your poem was absolutely perfect!

Every week I’ll post a new prompt and pin it at the top of the main home page of this blog. I look forward to reading anyone whoes up for the GRATEFUL MOTHER Haiku Challenge poems for the week! Thanks in advance for joining! Please comment on this post with your links so that I can share them next monday. I don’t seem to be getting notifications on pingbacks!

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