Weekly #Haiku #WritingPrompt CIRCUMSTANTIAL

Circumstantial shift, If it’s changes that’s desired, Make them. -Jann Doe Last weeks prompt was a tribute to Mother’s Day.  Thank you Murisopis, A Different Prospective Blog  for participating in the comments, your poem was beautiful! Every week I’ll post a new prompt and pin it at the top of the main home page of this … More Weekly #Haiku #WritingPrompt CIRCUMSTANTIAL

Like a Fox #poem

Another day, Another way. Look for things, Outside the box, Learn to think, Just like a fox. Clever now, Tomorrow’s better. Conscious approach, Whether all weather. There’s always a way, To do it right. Pave a predator’s path, Not a victim’s plight. -Jann Doe

Silver #poem #selflove

Her heart is silver, She don’t like gold. Her love is pure, Her approach is bold. She’s layered and tattered, Wonderfully scattered. She embraces her wrinkles, Loves all her crinkles. She’s unique it’s true, Yet, so are you! -Jann Doe

Sometimes #poetry

Sometimes you have to take a step backward in order to gain enough ground to leap ahead. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and ask for help in transition, because once that leap is taken the ground below may have a bumpy landing. Sometimes that bumpy landing is necessary to teach one a lesson … More Sometimes #poetry

Her Neck #poem

She catches your glances, She sees your stares. She feels your gaze, She knows knows you’re there. Your energy surrounds her, An essence brings her to her knees. Your very presence like a fist, Around her neck it does squeeze. What happened between you, Was hurtful it was wrong, It was thrilling and fun, A … More Her Neck #poem

New Life #poem

A new life welcomes, The world with a bang, She has a spirit, She has a name. Her energy ready, For love and for molding, Observes her surroundings, A mother she’s holding. She drinks from the bosom, Her life sustained, Unconditional love, Has undenyably Been claimed. -Jann Doe