The Woman #poem

Well rounded the woman who seeks it all, Her shoulders are strong, Her hours are long, She doesn’t give up at the drop of a dime, She holds steady and true, She’s decisive with time, Sharpened the corners, a woman independant, She’s determined in action, Can be silly at heart, For a woman who knows … More The Woman #poem

The Reaper #poem

An ominous growl, that’s the pit of the beast, Never can he be tamed, nor harnessed or leashed, Pay no attention to his low raunchy grumble, He’s coming for you, and he leaps when you stumble, Skinny his fingers, they’re rotten and grim, When the darkness consumes, you’ll know it’s him. He plucks you like … More The Reaper #poem

Her Vibrance #SelfLove

And one day she realized her vibrance, She began to shine as bright as she should, Success washed her over in waves, Brilliance surfaced, And she lived her life in the very fashion, That she’d been dreaming of for as long, As she could remember. -Jann Doe